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StephenWoods 20-08-2012 14:09

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool
Was wondering if anybody had visited this?
i live local and walk past occasionally and wonder what it looks like from the inside, it has been abandoned for sometime now.

georgie 20-08-2012 16:43

Only been done once mate its on 28dl

The Cat Crept In 20-08-2012 19:27

Be carefull of the big dogs in the back courtyard :)

georgie 20-08-2012 19:51


Originally Posted by The Cat Crept In (Post 148686)
Be carefull of the big dogs in the back courtyard :)

dogs dont like cats you know.............

StephenWoods 22-08-2012 15:50

cheers georgie.

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