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Bartje 10-10-2010 21:41

Inside the cookie monster
Like almost every company it started small, almost 100 years ago.
But through the years it grew and it grew and it grew until there was a whole cookie-empire.
From this factory the cookies were distributed through whole Germany, by train and by truck.
After 90 years it grew out of its coat, and left the city with some nice abandoned buildings.








sneak 14-10-2010 12:05

omg that is intense. Well done mate loving it as usual.

andym 18-10-2010 21:34

Bet that place smelled lovely:)

lizzibear 28-10-2010 23:06

Yummy! ;)

The stairs shot is awesome.

rigy 29-10-2010 08:19

good stuff as usual mate

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