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Bartje 09-11-2010 22:23

Catholic school for girls
Build during the 1850's by the local monks as a seminary and later it became a school for girls.
During the WW1 the childrens were send home and the building was used as a military hospital.
Later, in the second worldwar, the buildings again became a military use.
First as barracks for the soldiers, and after that as a school for Nazi youth.

After a long and moving history the school, which include a big chapel, is left behind for several years now.






tristanjay 10-11-2010 08:18

Superb find Bartje, there must be some history locked in those walls.

rigy 10-11-2010 08:58

great pictures again

Edus1 10-11-2010 14:29

Stunning pics as always :)

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