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Beech 19-08-2012 12:01

Folly Mill
Tucked away in a valley at Allgreave, a short way from Ludchurch. A man named Abraham Day decided to build a mill in probably one of the most inaccessible places you could wish to find.
It would have been about 1790 when he built the mill in a beautiful wooded gorge at the foot of a rock face called Gibbons Cliff, in which a monkeys face can clearly be seen.
According to tradition the first mill that Abraham built here was washed away in a flood, this also happened again after he went to the trouble of rebuilding it.When he announced that he was going to rebuild it a third time his long suffering wife declared that she would go to bed and stay there, which she did until she died at the age of seventy six,

Not very adventurous, but a beautiful place,

johnfav 19-08-2012 12:24

Very nice!

Reddood 19-08-2012 13:14

is this the place between buxton and congleton?

Beech 19-08-2012 13:17

yes, in the valley below rose and crown

The Cat Crept In 19-08-2012 15:55

Nice work bud :thumbs

Gibbo 20-08-2012 10:19

Nice, nature has certainly took that back.

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