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A Girl From Tyldesley 07-08-2011 11:28

Yeah - I noticed that there had been recent burials there. Sorry to hear about your friend. It is a very peaceful place. Shame they can't collect the grass when they have cut it - would be nice if the hedges were cut proper and the place given a little TLC.

local lady 31-03-2013 14:25

local lady
Hi most of my mothers family have links with Wharton Church,
My grandmother was church warden and my grandad and his brothers were grave diggers.
They lived in church cottages on church land,
Both my grandparents are buried there as is their daughter who was murdered by strangulation, by a Mr Jack Wright who was hanged at strangeways.

local lady 31-03-2013 14:43

local lady
Both my grandparents and my mothers family had links with Wharton Church, my grandmother was the Church warden and my grandad was one of the grave diggers.
They are both buried there along with their daughter who was strangled by a local man a Mr Jack Wright, who was hung at strangeways.
My grandparents and their children lived in cottages on Church land for many years,

local lady 02-04-2013 01:20

Both my grandparents lived in the church cottages my grandmother was church warden my grandad was grave digger. My aunt was murderd by jack wright cutting through the coal heaps and they are buried in the graveyard.

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