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dubstyle 16-05-2009 10:31

Mystery Mill Chimney - 15 May 2009 - ARCHIVE
well, im not into stepping onto other peoples toes, and copying explores, but we didnt want to sleep on this and miss out on an amazing climb... so id like to thank boboil, Big Jobs & Morrisey for the initial climb and report.

(plus, what cossienick wants, cossienick gets, his tantrums can be dangerous!!)

so, with 1 proper harness, 1 homemade harness, a few carabiners, 12ft of bluey nylon rope, a dark friday night in the pissing rain, and agianst our better judgement, we started the climb.
ive heard its between 150 - 170ft. feels like 500. half way up, u cant see the top or the bottom. 1 straight ladder from the floor to the top. no ledges, no rest pionts...

due to the rain, and the fact we were shitting it up there, i took a few quick pics and we headed back down.

jjb stadium...

ladder back down...

we tried to brap, but it failed...

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