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Jillbert691 25-06-2011 07:54

Wharton Lane Cemetery, Little Hulton June 2011
Wharton Lane Presbyterian Church was founded around 1850 and closed around 1970. The building was at risk of mining subsidence from the local pits, so the members began to worship in a different venue and the old church (in the first pic) was demolished. The small ramshackle graveyard is all that remains now, and shows signs of subsidence from the surrounding coal mining activity.

I know it's non-urbex but it was such an odd little site I had to take pics!

keeweeman 25-06-2011 15:58

can you imagine mining and having a coffin fall on your head?

Jillbert691 25-06-2011 19:42

It wouldn't be the best day at work would it?!

keeweeman 26-06-2011 14:37

it would certainly be considered a bit of a shitter. One of my brothers used ot be a grave digger for the council when he was younger and he was telling me about a couple of times they were digging down in family graves preparing for a new addition and the spade would go straight through the rotted coffin and into the skeleton of the body

Kenni 26-06-2011 16:45

It wouldnt be the nicest of experiences :gag

A Girl From Tyldesley 27-07-2011 16:36

I visited this little graveyard myself a couple of weeks ago - and in trying to find out which church the graveyard belonged to - I came across NWEX. I had gone taking photos of the Bluebell (the huge coal-tip nearby) that has been flattened.

Jillbert691 28-07-2011 12:45

Hi Tyldesley girl, the graveyard is an odd place isn't it? Has Bluebell completely gone now then? My husband and I found the graveyard by accident too while we were going for a mooch around the coal tip. If you ever want to team up for any explores, Whittingham Asylum is a good one to visit. xx

A Girl From Tyldesley 02-08-2011 12:05

Hi Jill, the last time I went it was virtually flattened. Not happy about latest reports in the press though about what is happening with the land. Thanks for the tip on the Whittingham Asylym.

SupaStu 05-08-2011 20:19

Nice little graveyard. Whittingham Asylym looks like a worthwile trip.

dartsboy 06-08-2011 20:58

i live very near to this and its still used today. a friend was burried there earlier this year

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