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MollyMoo 08-05-2012 16:27

Rawtenstall General Hospital-help/advice?
Hey. Has anyone here been to the rawtenstall general hospital!? If so, how do you get in?? Thankyou x

hidden 08-05-2012 17:26

Rawtenstall or Rossendale? Either way, no-one is going to tell you how to get in, go down there and work it out for yourself!!!

MollyMoo 08-05-2012 18:08

The rossendale rawtenstall. I actually posted this whilst I was down there, but me and my friend couldn't find an entrance. We tried to go around the back but we couldn't see a way in, and as we were leaving the security guard started walking to the gates so we ran off:( we will be back soon to try and get in though..

georgie 08-05-2012 19:41

If at first you dont succeed try again

The Urban Spaceman 28-03-2013 12:20

Just keep going back. Local kids keep breaking in and pikeys too, so the owners regularly have to secure the building. But on the right day, you'll crack it. That said, I haven't, but I have only tried twice. The Security man had a couple of ropey looking dogs, but was pleasant enough when he 'helped' us off site. Just keep rolling the dice!

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