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Scope 29-05-2013 18:03

Cherry Tree Hospital (Formerly Stockport Infection Diseases Hospital) May 2013
After popping to Huncoat Power Station we headed to Stockport.

Presently known as Cherry Tree Hospital, dating back to its foundation year of 1880, the site was also titled Stockport Infection Diseases Hospital up until 1948

Prior to 1948, the hospital was used for the isolation of patients with diseases, particularly Tuberculosis, with a separate ward being provided for Typhoid sufferers. After 1948, the level of care was widened to accommodate other illnesses and ailments.

After Bumping into a group of chavs in their 40's drinking cheap wine, and my mate scaring them with his wrestling mask, we went in.

Apoligies for crud photos, used my phone. :/


Thanks for looking :)

SBD77 06-07-2013 17:31

Great shots, loving the mask

poppy28 16-07-2013 16:06

Wow great find,well done guys

Sirus 30-01-2014 01:51

: thumbs

Sirus 30-01-2014 01:53

Nice1 :thumbs

_Ste_ 04-05-2014 23:58

interesting place

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