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Antonymes 06-01-2014 09:41

The Teddybear House - January 2014
After cancelling another trip due to work commitments, I met up with a good friend. After an epic fail at a well known location and
a forced eviction at another little place I've yet to report on we went to check out a couple of new leads I'd not yet explored.
After being tantalised by treasure through a couple of tiny broken windows, we finally found our way into what initially looked
to be an impenetrable fortress.
So much to see inside, but fading light meant that we had to work fast. As we were leaving there was a slight incident, potentially
making it somewhat impractical for a return visit.

Propping open the letterbox with my finger. What do we have here?

Is that a Norwegian Blue? Lovely plumage!

Shall we have a look upstairs?

Who's been sleeping in my bed? Doubtless nobody for some time

Not much else upstairs. Let's go down again

Address book with some local numbers

TV and VCR

This is cosy

Family photos

Bank book

Dairy Crest

Teddybear and pumpkin lamp

Take a seat


Kitchen chair

The microwave

View from the kitchen

Thanks for looking. More posts soon.

Ori6inalSin 06-01-2014 10:58

Great pictures!

Were these done on an SLR with HDR?

urban 06-01-2014 12:35

Nice looking time capsule :thumbs

georgie 08-01-2014 07:27

Any chance of a location on the report

n-munky 28-01-2014 11:47

John Emerson's. Links to Shropshire. Would put the house near the EC1N area (Farringdon London) at a guess?

Sirus 29-01-2014 06:21

Nice1, :thumbs

Dave BDB 08-06-2014 23:14

Stunning pics....... what actions are you editing with ?

urblex 08-06-2014 23:30

nice photos

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