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bignickb 03-11-2013 20:42

Ancoats building, Manchester 11/13
I thought that this was a closed down pub but there is no record of it being so! From my own observations, it looks like it was some kind of print shop for signs and big sticky labels! So - apologies for finding no info, I did my best!
I've had my eye on this place for a while, I did plan a trip with others but they wussed out because of the rain and workload. Ha ha! So I decided to go in alone with many fears of how strong the floor was. It turned out to be concrete so all was well - until I entered! It was like a scene from the birds, disgruntled pigeons swooped in a narrow stairway and I had to duck for cover. wearing a mask was also a good move because it was pretty rank in there. Getting out with no fresh pigeon poop on myself was nothing short of a miracle.
So - on with the pictures!

Main exterior 1:

Exterior 2:

Not sure what this was all about. First floor:

View of Pollard St:

Lift! This is what swayed me from thinking it was an old pub:

Ladder to nowhere:

Top floor:


White no sugar - or pigeon crap please!:

Ground level highlights:

Some kind of dispensing machine:

Flakey Stairs!:

It'll be for you! Sod that, You answer it! Eww.:

Ornate Cast supports:

Ground level:

workshop with corner seating! Canteen? :

Vain? no, just gorgeous! Ha ha! I was glad of that mask.:

A quick videoclip:

Gibbo 04-11-2013 14:11

Pretty cool, nice find!

peanuts 07-11-2013 21:23

grim but cool

NorthMancBeds 17-11-2013 00:22

Nice. New :-)

Kenni 01-12-2013 17:48

Probably was a bank, nice.

droylsden_kid 11-12-2013 23:10

I am able to give a little info on this building.

According to the Greater Manchester Sites & Monument Records it was built by 1905 and is recorded as 31-33 Pollard Street. It is believed to have been Heatherington's Dining Rooms and was listed in a directory of 1921.


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