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AltDayOut 26-06-2012 11:17

Rossendale Hospital - June 2012
On a really wet weekend not too long ago when the nation was planning all manner of street fetes. fate was with us on the day we decided to attempt Rossendale.

With previous attempts thwarted this time we will succeed

History abounds let the budding developers tell you how it is

Getting in inside is not the easiest and not bumping into secca and his dog is total luck of the dice .

++++++++++++++++++++++++ACCESS++++++++++++++++++++ ++


from seeing previous reports I wasn't expecting the level of decay to be too bad but in parts it was pretty trashed

but pretty dry elsewheres

Artefacts and general "hospitalia" are quite in abundance here..

which help to serve as self indulgent propery for ones imagery please forgive..

ahem...yes...Nature takes back with a grand show in some parts laying down it own green carpets

for all you corridor heads Hospital R has em in droves well 3 big ones in the mental health block we're in anyhow.

I dubbed this treatment room ward of the condemned even tho it wasn't technically a ward as such

It seemed a trifle sad to see Mike Oldfield loitering around the toilets like this, reminiscing perchance of past appearances on "Top of the Plops" or contemplating the release of a "Greatest Sh*ts" even....

Yes quite.... moving on did I mention that this place is just full of artefacts? Oh yes I did well more piks then...

Strange that a lot of these are newer than the hospitals sell by date...

I did mention that we were in the mental health block , there was evidence of a BITER...perhaps he was just hungry

Hells Kitchen

Indications of bed wetting

And goodbye from all of us

Thanks for visiting us some videoness of the place featuring me digitally blowing the place up and playing on a big organ ooer matron CLICK HERE

Reddood 26-06-2012 21:52

nice, and liking the videos on the youtube.

JEP27 27-06-2012 11:42

Very nice :thumbs

Gibbo 28-06-2012 11:56

Loving that last picture!

_Ste_ 01-07-2012 07:13

Freaking awesome man, those photos are ace, especially the 2 people shots at the beginning.

AltDayOut 01-07-2012 11:52

Thanks for your great comments and feedback guys , much appreciated. :)

the kwan 15-07-2012 12:16

Nice report and loving some of the processing..nice work man!

JazzSP8 16-07-2012 18:27

Great pictures, love the bed one and the debris kicking around!

the kwan 27-07-2012 20:06

just checked the stuff!

Viva La Revolution 03-12-2012 21:22

Nice work, me and my friends recently attempted to get in. Alone I went for a quick peak, couldn't see any signs of a secca patrol. Although the place was lit up like a Christmas tree.

Went back for my mates, brought them to where I got up to. Told them we should do a quick perimeter search for secca, then straight infront of us was a guard walking towards us, we ran. Fast.

No doubt we'll go back though.

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