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Antonymes 03-09-2013 11:29

Pool Parc, Wales - August 2013
My first proper exploration, early in August. I'd taken a trip up a couple of weeks earlier, just to see if I could find the place. Couldn't see a way in, but it didn't discourage me from going back.

Really creepy and very dark as we entered, but it wasn't too long before we reached the staircase and the chair, which seemed badly battered compared to photographs I've seen in the past.

We absolutely crapped ourselves when we heard voices downstairs. Sounded like real trouble, but turned out to be a bunch of people from Wigan, revisiting past memories.

Visited so many times, so I won't go through the history, so here are the photos.

First sight of the staircase

The chair

Home made theatre?



On the staircase








Peeling paint

On the roof

One more shot of the stairs...

…well, maybe two

Snake Oil 04-09-2013 22:12

loving the staircase shots :)

Reddood 04-09-2013 22:38

more great shots

poppy28 18-09-2013 22:49

What an amazing place.any history on this?

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