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Lazlo 10-01-2014 21:55

Camelot 10/1/14
Been a while since I have done anything!

Camelot is a shithouse theme park around Chorley. It closed down at some point, your guess is as good as mine and is now apparently used by the police for training. (That I didn't know until afterwards)

Easy mooch, got a good hour of wandering before the fat security man came looking for us in his escort. We managed to hide and get off without fat man (who apparently has a stick) clocking us!

Apologies for the picture, I was too lazy to carry my tripod! Be reet!







johnfav 12-01-2014 11:38

Cool! Was about to post asking about access as I only live about 5 miles away....

Lazlo 12-01-2014 15:31

Naughty! If u need help msg on FB think my URL is underneath this sentence!

Gibbo 14-01-2014 10:06

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

_Ste_ 14-01-2014 23:06

great stuff

rigy 15-01-2014 19:15

It's closed down, well I never knew that, I went many times as a kid... Great pictures I'd recognise the "tower or terror" ride anywhere...


Kenni 17-01-2014 15:15

Beautiful! Nice pics too! :)

Lazlo 18-01-2014 12:44


I didn't realise it had closed down either! Shame really!

Skylark 01-04-2014 00:45

interesting, didn't know about the police training there knew about the security but have heard its only secured from 8am until 7pm, but unsure how reliable that information is thanks for sharing

Snake Oil 09-04-2014 20:22

third pic down, I don't fancy a ride on that one.... Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *!*!! PLONK !!*!*

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