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bignickb 25-05-2015 21:49

Old Manchester House 0515
I have passed this building so many times and finally decided to go for a closer look! It has been derelict for years and looks like it was stunning in it's heyday!
I know nothing about its' history so this is pretty much a derp that I was driven to fulfil!
It's seriously dodgy and trashed inside, nature won this battle along with all the leaks that caused entire rooms to cave in.
There was a lot of old computer parts lying around, old TV sets and signs that someone had lived there for a while. But it's empty - for now!

Top floor:


All the staircases were like this:

Tasteless decor, but a great fireplace:

A heavy lunch:

The Hilton suite! Among the plastic bottles was something resembling a crack pipe:

More stairs:

Flakey fireplace:

Ceiling supports! I spent as little time in this room as possible:

Fireplace in the dodgy supported room:

Old monitor:


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