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newbie62 04-07-2010 22:30

Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre, Todmorden. Jul 10
Figured this was the most apt forum to pop this in. If the mode disagree please move it to the most apt forum.

If you are unaware of this place it is where Harold Shipman first went into General Practice and the telegraph's investigations stated he also started his murdering ways here.

I first visited back in October of last year and one more time early this year - both times failing to gain entry.

So I re-visited recently and this time managed to get in. It is completely stripped and trashed and not hugely photogenic. I only really bothered taking some pics due the notoriety of the place.

I'll start with externals front and back:

OK Lets head inside. Was surprised to see some murals in the main waiting area:

This is what it looked like on opening day:

Thanks for looking.

NewStuff 04-07-2010 23:10

I love the Balustrades...

I have no idea *why*, but I do.

Reddood 04-07-2010 23:12

Looks very photogenic to me, some good angles and selective lighting, you could have a field day in there.

Nice report BTW, some nice looking features still in tact

the copy cat 04-07-2010 23:48

nice report

georgie 04-07-2010 23:51

this is fantastic m8 im going to have to see this place for myself

tristanjay 05-07-2010 08:24

That stair shots a gooden, lovely bit of decco meets arts and crafts imo well worth documenting.

wadey 16-08-2011 13:20

This is where Harold Shipman started his killing spree

suboffender 16-08-2011 13:30

Fantastic shots of a really nice looking place.

The Cat Crept In 16-08-2011 20:33

I visited this place six weeks ago and I'm glad to see you succeeded where I failed well done :thumbs

two-b 16-08-2011 22:20

I love these shots. Especially that radiator - I imagine it falling off with a massive 'CLANG' and scaring someone exploring on the other side of the building :D

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