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Millhouse 21-09-2011 18:44

high Royds Mental Asylum, Leeds (Admin Block) - September 2011
Visited with Gone and Morse

Morse was back in town, so we headed out to Leeds to check out a few things.High Royds was first on our list. We wandered around the grounds of the derelict asylum, to find a large part of it, including what was once a beautiful long corridor, has now been demolished, and more is soon to be. We carried on and after a couple of bum-steers and checking out the admin building for bloody ages we found our point of access, and made our way in one at a time - to find ourselves greeted by intricately detailed corridors with mosaic floors and a large, colourful ballroom.

Opened on 8th October 1888, under the name West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, and was closed in 2003. The Grade II listed Administration building is now considered a show-piece - with its detailed Italian mosaic floor which features the Yorkshire rose and black daisies, a clock tower, and a ballroom.

The asylum used to contain wards for patient accommodation, a library, surgery, dispensary, butchers, dairies, bakery, a sweetshop, an upholsterers and a railway (the High Royds Hospital Railway - connected to the Wharfedale railway line).

We almost walked away from this place without getting in, but being a bit cheeky / ballsy certainly paid off in this case. Unfortunately access to the clock tower seems to be sealed.

An amazing piece of architecture :)

scrappy 21-09-2011 19:04

nice pics mate, wish i got to spend more time here when i went but i upset the contractors who left the door open so it got cut short! lol :)

Millhouse 21-09-2011 19:52


Originally Posted by scrappy (Post 143508)
nice pics mate, wish i got to spend more time here when i went but i upset the contractors who left the door open so it got cut short! lol :)

We had similar, there was a lot of security presence around admin and it was getting dark (too dark to take pics without torches etc). So we just decided to bail

Navigator 23-09-2011 00:36

That place looks fantastic - they don't build buildings like that anymore! Excellent photos.

two-b 23-09-2011 14:49

Lovely building, that floor is tremendous.

NorthMancBeds 24-09-2011 01:21

beautiful photographs. well composed, framed and processed.

cdwils86 26-09-2011 14:49

what a great looking place great pics and looks like I will have to take a visit there very soon I think

Snake Oil 26-09-2011 19:56

that is an awesome building, it will be a shame if it gets knocked down

73janettewright 28-09-2011 22:08

These pics are fab, i'd love to go and look at places like these, and listen to all the stories about it as well.
Keep up the good work

AltDayOut 05-10-2011 10:01

I went yesterday based on the marvels of your report, I poured over the rather out of date googlemap for an age, but when i got there the place was crawling with workers I had no chance , the place is dissapearing at an alarming rate, the clocktower looked like it had been refurbished/regenerated , looked really different to the admin building.

Was gutted not to find any way.

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