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johnfav 22-10-2013 21:22

Clayton Le Woods Reservoir
Built in 1884 to provide water storage for Leyland, the reservoir was decommissioned 21 years ago.

Previously owned by United Utilities, it was sold at auction in March.

Historian Boyd Harris, who has written a commemorative booklet on the reservoir, described it as "like being in the hall of the mountain king".

English Heritage has twice refused an application for the reservoir to be made a listed building.

It said it does not fulfil the criteria for national recognition as it is "neither a rare nor an exceptional example of its type".

From Saturday, the reservoir will be open for two weeks for free guided tours between 10:00 BST and 16:00 BST.

When we got there the site was packed! So not an easy situation to take photos.... Good to see people giving a toss though.

johnfav 22-10-2013 21:24

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo _mg_7864_zps728a24b1.jpg"/></a>

johnfav 22-10-2013 21:24

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo img_7893_zpseabc8df3.jpg"/></a>

johnfav 22-10-2013 21:25

johnfav 22-10-2013 21:26

Kenni 24-10-2013 10:14

Nice, I'm going to go down next week. What's going to happen to the resi?

johnfav 24-10-2013 10:20

It's getting filled in and flattened to build fourteen lego houses...... a cryin' shame.

urban 25-10-2013 18:39

Went for a visit today, thanks for the heads up johnfav.

This has got to be officially the most photographed underground space going, very busy, speaking to one of the workmen there they'd had around 300 people before dinner today. More OAPs than B&Q on a wednesday over 60s discount day. Can only imagine it getting worse next week with it being half term. Although it's lit a tripod is a must as it was still fairly dark apart from the numerous flashes and flash heads strobing every few minutes.

I'll remove these if it's too much of a hijack of the thread... managed to get a few pics between the masses, didn't think 3 pics was worth another report.

johnfav 25-10-2013 18:52

No worries matey! Great pics :)

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