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pdtnc 05-10-2008 16:32

ARCHIVE: DEMOLISHED - Oxenhope Moor Labs - Oct08
I've literally driven past this place hundreds of times, if not into the thousands!
No report, just some shots. There is a Genny on site at present powering the big mast which you'd presume they are keeping intact, earthworks across the front of the building look like they are doing cabling.
Oxy Acetylene bottles on site doesn't bode well for the metalwork on site, things were locked and closed.
On the plus side check out the fantastic blue sky :)

Some shots:

Not really a report, just some quick shots in case the do demolish it.


Oh yeah, please can a Mod move this to the section they see fit please, I'm sure this place used to be MOD years ago.

Gibbo 01-02-2009 18:54

Drove past today, looks like it's all been demolished:

g4hfg 03-02-2009 20:33

I'm still trying to determine it's more recent history during the Cold War period. It was on a care and maintenance order for many years after WW2. The living accomodation was a few miles away and the homes are still in good condition.

It doesn't seem that long ago when it displayed Prohibited Place Official Secret Act signs all around it's perimeter. Mentioned in Jack Goughs book on Radar, it suggests that it was an HSA, High Speed Aerial. The book does not elaborate however.

When I was at Neatishead, the head researcher suggested that it may have performed a function in connection with HSA and countermeasures. In which case this information may not be in the public domain for some time.

It occurred to me that the folks at the former Barnton Hall at Preston may be able to fill some gaps in its history. Providing it is non contentious of course.

I was fortunate to be allowed in as a visitor when the University occupied the site, but without a camera.

If I learn more I will post it here.

Regards, Graham

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