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SBD77 17-07-2013 14:44

Fujitsu / ICL Gorton
I have been told this building was either the Fujitsu or ICL building yet when i have looked into it on a image search it looks nothing like them

NorthMancBeds 17-07-2013 20:14

Well in. Unfortunately trashed by gypsys, graf heads and ravers alike. It was designed for Sun Microsystems by Cruickshank and Seward in the 1970s. Quite a slick technology building in its time. ICL had the site next door and eventually became Fujitsu - originally it was Ferranti and was where the first commercial computers were built. The ICL site was the biggest producer of computers in Europe at one point. A bit of a technology hub in West Gorton...

SBD77 17-07-2013 20:26

Cheers NorthMancBeds

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