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Ojay 27-06-2011 23:53

India Mill Chimney Climb, Darwen - June 2011.

India Mill Chimney Climb, Darwen - June 2011.

India Mill chimney stands now as a lone memorial to King Cotton

Built in 1867 by architects Ernest Bates of Manchester and modelled around St Marks Campanile in Venice the original structure was 91M

The original cast iron crown was removed in 1943 due to war damage reducing the overall height by 6M (20ft)

Home to Peregrine Falcons and fantastic brickwork, the chimney now tops out at 85M (279ft)

This chimney needs no introductions from me - Just watch a legend explain this iconic structure HERE

Rewind nearly 2 years and myself and Solo1 stood at the foot of this beast

"One day we will stand on top of that"... Hmm

Having looked at many pictures including the iconic black & white shot of the 'old chaps' which I'm sure SL will dig out, a waiting game it was

We knew an inspection was probably imminent and after a chance conversation I overheard ladders were in place

No fucking about here, we had a small window of opportunity, SL was out of the picture so myself & Tweedy decided to hit it up, we left him a message and decided to made our ascent

This was no mean feat, a 9M climb up the base, followed by a further 13M up the pitched roof to the ladders whilst lit up like an x-mas tree and surrounded by dome camearas was indeed lulz

(shouts to everyone involved, you know who you are)

Without further a-do I shot up the ladders without a care in the world until I reached the 30M mark and looked back down :D

It felt like the whole of Darwen was watching us, as the moon was strong and the sky was bright

I carried on up to the first ledge (approx 60M) from ground level and waited for my mate, stopping for a few pics before carrying on

As I hit the first overhang, suddenly the rope started to stretch.. WTF? I couldn't pass the deviation between the connecting ladders so literally had to un-clip and free climb back down a good 40ft+ to the ledge below :eek:

As I neared my mate, he told me that someone else was on the rope - Solo1 no less, and within no time he joined us on the ledge

There was now a genuine buzz as we carried on up the ladders one-by-one towards the summit, SL naturally shooting off into the night sky

As I approached the final overhang (around 80M) my gear got caught around the fixings, I couldn't pull myself over or even move back down, this was some scary shit, but I had no choice but to man-up and persevere

I soon got my shit together and made it onto the final ladder, a quick 5M climb and I joined SL, followed by my mate on the top of the chimney with the biggest grins ever

Plan B - Get a few pics and get the fuck down...

We made it

"You can ride a bike around here" - Fred Dibnah

India Mill


And finally our ladder awaits

The sun was rising, I hadn't slept, full of mixed emotions we made it back down safely, bitten to death by midges for a quick ppl shot we packed up and f00ked off

Massive Shouts to Solo1, Tweedy & the rest of the crew who made it up here ;)

Manx Centor 28-06-2011 00:07

Good stuff Lads - that one hell of an achievement and a good story too :)

boboil 28-06-2011 00:29

1st class guys that's one hell of a tale to tell the grandchildren.

Well done all concerned with this EPIC !!!! climb :thumbs:thumbs:thumbs.

It's easy for people to say "I'd love to do that" but you guys grabbed the bull by the horns & did it.

RESPECT !!!!!!

Kenni 28-06-2011 07:47

Proper Respect!! Them ladders even look wooden :D :D :thumbs :thumbs

Kenni 28-06-2011 07:55

P.S. Hope you left a sign up there ;)

Morrisey 28-06-2011 09:14

I think Boboil summed it up perfectly. This has got to be the climb of the decade.:thumbs

How the fuck did Fred do that without any safety:confused:

georgie 28-06-2011 10:17

massive respect to all involved and also to mr dibnagh for climbing this.

safety or no safety it takes massive balls to do anything like this ,personally i like ladders to be caged,it just feels safer but to go up 279ft with overhangs and no cage takes some doing

as morrisey said How the fuck did Fred do that without any safety.

Ojay 28-06-2011 10:34

Fred was an amazing guy, at the top of his game, I have total respect for the big guy.


andym 28-06-2011 12:36

Massive win! It's an awesome chimney, but I'm quite content to look at your pics, and view it from ground level!

buddah 28-06-2011 15:06

Very good man, im pretty jealous.

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