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suboffender 05-09-2011 13:22

Chester Liebherr crane - September 2011
Same crane that has been about for a while in Chester but in a different location. It stands opposite the travel lodge deep in an excavation. It's a bit smaller than I'm used to, but my girlfriend always tells me that it isn't size that matters anyway.

This was very early in the evening for me to be doing a crane, 10pm to be exact. Can't believe nobody spotted us on the way up :p

suboffender 05-09-2011 14:46

I think it may have yeah, it was quite overgrown with shrubbery. Another site hit by the recession perhaps?

CanOfTheAbyss 15-04-2014 20:03

Taken down as of yesterday, shame to see that it's gone! Been there a good 15 years or more?

_Ste_ 21-04-2014 03:18

cazy mo fo, was this near the lead shot tower?

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