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Denial 31-03-2009 23:27

Regal Cinema, Northwich 03/09
The Regal Cinema was built for the Cheshire County Cinemas circuit and opened on 28th January 1939 with Vivien Leigh in "Storm in a Teacup". The auditorium was in a stadium design (with no overhanging balcony) and had a seating capacity of 1,059. Decorative scroll-work was on the walls and the ceiling contained cove lighting. An unusual feature of the building was that it was built on piles, due to subsidence from former salt mines which are underneath the town.

In the 1970's a second screen was built adjacent to the main one and this seated 200. By this time seating in the main original auditorium had been reduced down to 927.

The Regal Cinema was closed on 6th January 2007


Visited with Lazy and a non-member of the board, the place is interesting and stirred a few memories from being a yoof, but is pretty knackered. Still dry and secure so nice to look around. Struggled to get any decent pictures but heres what we found.


Projector room

The bulk of the building sits on piles, raised off ground level.

Hopefully Lazy will add a few pics onto these. My mojo was gone.

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