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Gone 26-07-2011 02:25

Merseyside Few, Liverpool – Summer 2011.

Before much else I’d like to say thanks to Rookie, Sui, AOS, OneByOne & Abby for letting us roam the city together without a care in the world, oh and for the few sketchy moments.

First off is F126 HMS Plymouth.

‘HMS Plymouth is a Rothesay class frigate, which served in the United Kingdom Royal Navy from 1959 to 1988. She was named after the city of Plymouth.

Plymouth was one of the first Royal Navy ships to arrive in the South Atlantic following the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.

Plymouth was hit by four bombs and several cannon shells. One Bomb hit the flight deck, detonating a depth charge and starting a fire, one went straight through her funnel and two more destroyed her Limbo anti-submarine mortar. All of the bombs failed to explode. Five men were injured in the attack and repairs were affected by LMEM Robin Cunningham, and 1st Class MEM's Gary Borthwick and John Fearon. She returned to Rosyth Dockyard after the war for full repair and refit
The following year, Plymouth served as the West Indies Guardship which included several days anchored off Belize.

On the 11th March 1984 Plymouth was involved in a collision with the German Frigate FGS Braunschweig and in 1986 she suffered a boiler room fire, killing two sailors.

Plymouth City Council had expressed an interest in HMS Plymouth, and the HMS Plymouth Preservation Trust undertook to raise the £250,000 needed to bring the warship back to her home city.

It had been hoped that the frigate could be berthed at Millbay Docks, but the offer of a berth was withdrawn in January 2007 by Associated British Ports’

It wasn’t like we were particularly stealth or ninja for this one it just involved a tonne of walking. The Bronington that I was originally looking for has either gone, been moved or I was in the wrong dock.

Second up is Beetham Tower West that I stuck a previous report up with, there are three from that.

‘Also known as Beetham West Tower & The Bullet and cost £35million to build.

It was completed in 2008 with a couple of other explorers climbing it’s tower crane.

Used both residentially and commercially it has 40 floors and 127 flats’

Third up is the Central Station Development in town along with a snap from a well known empty department store that proved inaccessible from that point.

Fourthly is the lower rooftop of Liverpool Town Hall. Access as such wasn’t too bad but it was near enough daylight so a pretty obvious climb.

‘The Town Hall stands in High Street at its junction with Dale Street, Castle Street, and Water Street. It has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building, described in the National Heritage List for England as "one of the finest surviving 18th-century town halls".’

Last but not least Royal Mail Copperas Hill. I won’t give much on this as it’s still an arse ache of a building to get into and has at least one tank of a security guard. I have a fair amount left of this place too.

‘Copperas Hill shut back in 2008 over a change of work location to Warrington with 160 of its staff being offered a move or to sadly terminate their contracts. Unfortunately the outside of the building has suffered from heavy vandalism and up to the present has no buyer/lease holder for the building’

Cheers for the read, Gone...

NickUk 26-07-2011 20:46

Nice one son. You're doing SNC proud.

NorthMancBeds 26-07-2011 21:25

busy. busy. good work.

agour 26-07-2011 21:46

good stuff man, I take it the plymouth was locked up>?

Morrisey 26-07-2011 22:45

Absolutely top draw guys. :thumbsAs agour says, no internals of the frigate?

Gone 26-07-2011 22:56

Tighter than a Nuns chuff.

Jimmy 27-07-2011 01:30

Absolutely love it! I'm quite interested to know how you managed to finally crack one or 2 of these beauties haha.

Amazing stuff though, it's great to see Rookie making an appearance these ends as well :)

Millhouse 27-07-2011 13:12

Awesome stuff!

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