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loobyloo 14-09-2014 23:11

Eccles Theatre
Hope this works!

Pretty much gone.....some nice bits still remaining!

loobyloo 14-09-2014 23:12

GRRR. ...not working

loobyloo 14-09-2014 23:18

Take two! Sorry...

Gravy 15-09-2014 12:30

My nan took me out for a night of bingo at the Crown.... Looked slightly better then.

tigger 15-09-2014 18:47

The link to your album should be something like:

The one you posted appears to be doubled and therefore breaks

For an individual photo the html link would be enclosed in [img] [/img] tags, giving you something like this:

loobyloo 15-09-2014 19:49

Thanks for that.....I guess I'm pretty rubbish at tech stuff!!

urban 16-09-2014 17:01

Looks like a cool place, that floor looks a bit dodgy though!

to embed in here.... click on the image in the album on photobucket and it takes you to a larger version of the image, to the top right of the image (not the album) page is the share links, it's the bottom one you want (IMG) just click in the box and it'll flash up "copied" in yellow. Then paste it into the report and repeat for each image. On this site hit "go advanced" (if you've not already) and there'll be an option of "preview post" hit that and if the images show up you've nailed it, saves on loads of dead link replies in the thread :thumbs

loobyloo 17-09-2014 07:04

I'm surprised that the building is still standing! !

Thanks so much for the help......I'll have a proper 'tinker about' with it as I've got quite a few photos that I'd like to share and hopefully I'll get it sussed out!!!

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