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EX_M 29-07-2013 15:59

Whittingham asylum (26/07/13) slideshow
Hi im new to the site and to world of urban exploring... here is a short slide show of the pics i took while visiting whittingham hospital which was my first ever visit of an abandoned building

thx for viewing


Gibbo 30-07-2013 10:36

Welcome aboard. I never really took to Whit, not sure why.

I think Withington was one of my favourites, followed by the water tower at St George's Stafford. Denbigh has to be the best for all-round building though.

EX_M 31-07-2013 23:30

That was my first ever visit to an abandoned property. I was a bit unsure at first but so glad i went and i can't wait for another visit. There's so much else i wanted to see like for the underground tunnels and the morgue and the cella's . ! I went to 4 different sites yesterday so its safe to say iv definitely caught the urbex bug lol.

Gibbo 02-08-2013 14:20

The underground tunnels are OK, nothing exciting though, just RCP.

poppy28 10-10-2013 23:37

amazed thanks for sharing

Ori6inalSin 14-10-2013 10:57

Great pics

Really getting the urge to get out there now and start exploring it's just a nightmare finding time with work

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