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north star 05-10-2008 21:08

ARCHIVE: Maltese Airfield - 08
This old airfield now is used to train the airport fire crews but lurking out in the corner of the yard were these 2 amazing Plane's.
My pics are'nt the best as SoLo1 Trashed my tripod inside and i didnt get any internal pictures...

So off we go with the pics.
This is a picture of the front of the 1st plane.
The plane overall.
Look at the text down the side of the plane...;)
Looking backwards off whats left of the wing.
Excuse me Mr i think you may have a problem, the word puncture springs to mind.
We did get inside the plane but it was so dark the pics just turned out a black screen and using the flash was not possible.
So off to the other side of the yard too check out the other 1.

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