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Abandoned Houses
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Default Abandoned Houses - 17-05-2011, 13:06

I tried this on another forum, and it didn't go down well as "Urbex" So, you guys have a place for this kind of thread, so you guys can put up with it!

I went round with my friend, hunting for abandoned and left beheind buildings, and in the one day, we ended up finding 2 houses that were just left to rot! One was facing near a store, and looked normal from the side that was facing the building, the other was on a road next to Crewe, looking all vile!

Although this place looked like a house, you went through to one room, and it was huuuge! Looked like a giant warehouse or something... so odd! Sadly, we couldn't make it upstairs, other than the huge warehouse room, the only rooms we found, were a destroyed hallway, kitchen and bathroom. :(

I've tried to find information out about this house, its not hidden, its right on the road going to Crewe! Its also huge, and has a smaller brick "shed" out back. (No idea what it originally was...) We could make it halfway up the stairs without bottling it, we were scared, due to the amount of ash, a fire had been present, and we couldn't see the extent of the damage to the stairs....

Anyway, Hope you enjoyed x

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