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Hack Green secret nuclear bunker
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Visited 05/09/2012 with my sister.
The Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker is a former government-owned nuclear bunker located at Hack Green, Cheshire, England.


Signpost showing directions to the secret bunker.
The first military use of the area was in World War II, when a Starfish site was established at Hack Green. Its purpose was to confuse Luftwaffe bombers looking for the vital railway junction at Crewe.
A Ground-controlled interception (GCI) radar station was added.
In the 1950s, the site was modernised as part of the ROTOR project. This included the provision of a substantial semi-sunk reinforced concrete bunker or blockhouse (type R6).
The station, officially designated RAF Hack Green, was also known as Mersey Radar. It provided an air traffic control service to military aircraft crossing civil airspace.
The site was abandoned and remained derelict for many years, until the Home Office took it over. They rebuilt the R6 bunker as a Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQs) - one of a network of 17 such sites throughout the UK - designed to enable government to continue in the aftermath of a major nuclear attack on the UK.
In about 1992, following the end of the Cold War, the Home Office abandoned its network of RGHQs and sold many of the sites. This one was bought by a private company and subsequently opened to the public in 1998 as a museum with a Cold War theme.
[edit]Current status

Exhibits include the nose section of an F-4 Phantom jet
The bunker is open to the public most of the year. It has a substantial collection of military and Cold War memorabilia, including one of the largest collections of decommissioned nuclear weapons in the world. It also houses Ballistic Missile Early Warning System equipment originally from RAF High Wycombe.[1]
The museum includes information about the function of the bunker during the Cold War. There is a simulator designed to simulate conditions in the bunker during a nuclear attack. Visitors can watch the BBC film The War Game, produced to inform the public of what would be likely to happen in a nuclear attack on Britain. Younger visitors to the museum can follow the trail by the "Cold War Spy Mouse", which avoids the more disturbing aspects of the bunker, such as the medical room, where a mannequin is depicted with symptoms of burns and radiation poisoning. If all of the missiles at Hack Green[1] were armed, the base alone would be the 7th biggest Nuclear Power in the world.
We pulled up and i decided to take a snap of the outside and some old guy got out of his car and came over talking to us:

He explained to us he used to have to search out and break into places like this as a job, he was 75+ and he started telling us some of his stories and experiences, REALLY interesting guy! we then proceeded towards entrance and the old guy paid for us to get in!! really nice of him, so we bought him drink and lunch in the cafe afterwards.He was also ex SAS and many more things, but he was telling us top secret info and intelligence as to where certain things were hidden in the uk and stores of missiles etc, really glad we got talking to him made then day even better!

anyway the bunker was lot bigger than i thought and weird feelings whilst inside, no natural light etc and bit claustrophobic but still, added to the experience, were going back on the 29th from 8pm to 4am on a "ghost hunt", more so to see the place at night, will be fun.
Here are the photos (PIC HEAVY)

make`s the place not so secretive, this and the sign posts!

Loads of this stuff


this was scary

Laura x
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