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Originally Posted by hiddenshadow View Post
Got to the top corridor, it was dark, looked down nobody there, carried on a bit more and somebody appeared at the bottom, then walked off? Ok then...

Then they re-appeared, thinking it was probably another explorer I shined my torch at them and they said 'who's that!' and started steaming towards us. Made a hasty retreat into the forest, they were looking for us we could see them from the fence (turns out there were two of them)...
Bloody hell, haven't had anything like that yet, creepiest we had was in staff building at Denbigh, I was messing about talking to cam saying we are looking for ghost then panned to end of corridor and said "what was that" for a laugh..then suddenly an almight BANG!!!! right at the side of us literally we postively freaked, never found out what that was but finished our explore at slightly quicker pace lool.
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