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Eastham Docks Substation Update
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Default Eastham Docks Substation Update - 13-09-2013, 19:10

apologies for no pics, but I was actually working here today in the HV S/S and had an insight to what this place actually is, and thought some of you may like to know what the purpose of this installation is.......there is indeed TWO substations on the site, but the big building now houses the emergency water supply pumps that supply water to the firefighting equipment on the actual docks themselves that are used to load and off-load oil/gas etc etc. The huge water tanks are there to supply the water to the pumps. Originally the building was a generator house supplying power to the site.
the building now is basically two thirds full of scrap ship canal bits and the above mentioned pumping equipment and a large diesel engine to power them. The site is LIVE and security is very alert.
Apologies again for no pics,
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