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A few of mine

This was one day that I would welcome a visit to the "Welsh National Museum of Warmth and Dryness"

Just a few odd pics.

One of two ( three actually - but two are parallel) long culverts that were used to divert the River Alyn from being a meandering stream to a culverted river, so that the works could be built.

The cross pieces are stone traps, but were reduced in height by some academic - and are now useless.

After some initial floods, capacity was increased by making another culverted (parallel) route (under the tunnels). The new route is on the right.

The pump used to extract water for the works (a well was also used when the river was not flowing).

Tunnel entrance

Tunnel Plan

The tunnels were split into 2 horizontally for ventilation and airflow


NO prize, but anyone guess what it is ?

Building P4


Power Distribution

Building "50" sign and remains of camouflage

Rhydymwyn works made poison gas, and charged armaments with it, during WW2.

This building is one of two magazines, both of which are several hundred yards apart, obviously for safety, and are more or less identical. Both are also cut into the hill on the west side of the site, both have blast walls, and both are raised well above the rest of the site.

This is a working party to start clearing the drains around the southerly magazine, as the standing water is damaging the structure.

Walkway between the two magazines. There is a deep open drain either side, a retaining wall, the pathway is covered (more or less totally intact) by soft ashphalt, to minimise sparks etc.

Entrance to the southern magazine:

Quick and easy WW2 structure, note the wood grain to the concrete, and peeling back ashphalt roof covering:

External Fusebox (for the fusebox enthusiast):

It's a good job the power is off:

From above - note the WW2 camouflage paint, still there:

Camouflage netting supports:

And inside - not a lot. Note the lighting - only accessible from outside,very light concrete trough roof, and the steam pipe for heating:

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