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The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Kraków, Poland - June 2013
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Default The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Kraków, Poland - June 2013 - 24-06-2013, 10:09

I spent some time in Poland and after getting lost in the tatras we buzzed up to Kraków, this thing was haunting me from day one. I sized it up one night in a state similar to many English people in Kraków, ruined.

After buying a cheap tripod, ‘blacking up’ as much as possible I set out. To be honest I wasn’t wetting it until I could hear the police sirens across the city, what happens in a Polish nick anyway?

My mate wasn’t keen so it was a solo job.

Anyway, back to it. The climb wasn’t that hellish, it was pretty damp and the scaffolding & roofing squealed. Once up top it was rather pleasant so I chilled in the darker shadows and kept away from the huge flood lights that adorn the roof.

All shot on Kodak color plus 200!

The place was a first in Kraków as it was built entirely in the Baroque style from 1597 to 1619 by Giovanni Maria Bernardoni.

In the years 1809–1815, at the time of the Partitions of Poland, the place of worship served as an Orthodox church.

Since 1842 until the present day, it belongs to the Roman Catholic All Saints parish...

Cheers for looking, G!
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