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Report: Royal Insurance Building, Liverpool, 19/4/08
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Arrow Report: Royal Insurance Building, Liverpool, 19/4/08 - 18-05-2008, 11:06

Built between 1897-1903. It is a Grade II listed building. The building's steel frame structure may have been the first such steel frame in the UK. (all stolen off wiki )

Seen as I live in Liverpool I thought I should probably explore something here! Unforunatly for me Liverpool has too much industrial stuff and not enough asylums for my liking :( Anyone in Epsom wanna swap lives?

Visited with The Lady Sleepless and 4737Carlin (thanks for the tour) on Saturday afternoon, thought we'd have some issues getting in with shoppers wandering about but no problems, other than my stupid fear of heights lol..

Really nice building, both inside and out! I couldn't believe this building has just been sitting there for so long unused but hey we all get to benefit from it so cant complain too much!

I found it hard fighting my hospital obsession, I get bored very easily when not wandering around a hospital but I think we spent about 3 and half hours in here

Gonna have to go back on a night I think because the views were fab! We didnt get the best of weather (at least it didnt rain) but would be excellent to see the city lit up on a night!