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A few more.

P site. Built in 1948. There are two sections to P site. P1, foreground, is heavily overgrown. P2 is the the building in the background and less overgrown. Both were involved in testing liquid propellant rocket motors eg. for Blue Streak (which also powered Europa 1). Also involved in Project Chevaline to improve the Polaris missile system.

P1 and P2 started life to the same design but P2 was developed in two later stages for other work.

The initial design was a steel pile shell with concrete well and concrete exhaust channel. Most of the features can still be seen though the exhaust channel was partially back-filled with concrete (and probably some of the hexagonal silo sections). The second stage added the concrete tower when the site was used for testing RZ2 motors. Eventually the top section was added and drop testing of motors was carried out. The control room is a hardened concrete bunker protected by blast walls and earth bunds. It is also overgrown.

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