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ARCHIVE: saddleworth pillboxes 1 (A635) 07-04-09
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Arrow ARCHIVE: saddleworth pillboxes 1 (A635) 07-04-09 - 07-04-2009, 19:19

After seing the pillboxes in saddleworth thought i would go and have alook see if it was were i remeberd from my childhood first of we start with the two room pill box built at the side of the A635 isle of skye road to protect the good folk of saddleworth after the inevitable collapse by those sheep botherers of yarkshire lol

of brick and concrete construction built into the side of the hill and supperbly sited to stop anything coming down the A635 from holmfirth enough of the blurb on with the pics

visited with lil-lilly

from the road

the entrance

looking from the entrance into the upper room

snipers eye view from upper room

general view upper room

from entrance to lower room

inside lower room

from the moor very well camoflaged !

nice little explore and in suprisigly good internal condition considering how exposed its location is to the elements .externaly starting to disintergrate

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