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Archive First National Bank Building rooftop - Liverpool - feb 09
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Default Archive First National Bank Building rooftop - Liverpool - feb 09 - 21-02-2009, 21:09

First National Bank building, well at least I think thats whats its called, I cannot find anything on the internet about it though. I assume it used to be a bank, now groundfloor is a club and upper floors are apartments.If anyone knows any information about it, would be appreciated

We got into the building and headed straight up, just 7 floors of apartments, then we found an upper floor above them, that haddent really been touched, but just seemed to bathrooms and workings for the lift.

not really very interestering, id just though id add them in.

Only a 2 photos, but it was windy there blurry and we had to be careful as we were opposite the law courts, but I just wanted to share them.

Then for anyone whos interested.

Designed by sculptor Richard Wilson, in a former Yates Wine Lodge, Turning The Place Over, weird but very effect piece of 'art', supposed to give people a glimpse of the inside of a deralict building with out ever having to step inside....

Then just for a laugh

Sorry Lots of pictures, just wanted to share