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Originally Posted by georgie View Post
should have done it via crib goch much more fun
There's a saying about Crib Goch... the first time you hate it, the second time you love it, the third time you fall off. My second was about 20 years ago, I haven't had the chance for the third but I'll get there eventually, just hope the saying is not true The plaque nailed to the rockface half-way up commemorating some poor bugger who fell off in the mid 19th century does wonders at promoting self-confidence for the ridge... not!
Glorious view of Llyn Llydaw and Glaslyn mate, Llydaw is the most amazing coloured lake when caught in the right light.

Nice vid/shot of the Sea King too, XZ598.
"I could see where i wanted to be, and obviously the quickest way there would be straight up, the route looked fairly simple from where i was standing, i had drank a few redbulls and i could still taste the kebab from the night before, what could possibly go wrong?"
With all due respect the simple answer to your question is "more than you'll ever know". I maintain those big yellow beasts at a unit 400 miles north of Valley. Our crews are forever picking up people who think the same as yourself; I've mopped up body fluids in the interior of the choppers from people who were infinitely more qualified than yourself to be up amongst the mountains: even the professionals are caught out at times! The mountains, even one as benign looking as Snowdon, should be treated with respect - if you insist on going up them without the proper equipment then at least stick to the known paths and tracks... I appreciate that your original intention was to take the Miners Track but on the route you took even something as simple as a sprained ankle could have resulted in your death mate! Even if you don't have the proper kit leaving a map of the route you intend to take, complete with timings, with someone (anyone! even 'Mary' at the café) can be an absolute life-saver.
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