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Pincroft Tunnel and Culvert
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Default Pincroft Tunnel and Culvert - 20-02-2014, 19:44

Explored Solo

Bit of a comical explore as I visited this site a few weeks ago but didn't have my welly's and as I was in the area today (with welly's in my boot) I decided to test the water (literally)! The river was fast flowing and was shallow at the entrance. This was soon to change as only a few metres in it was almost up to my thighs. So, with welly fail, I decided to crack on

Pinched from the web -
Pincroft Dyeing and Printing Co. Ltd has one of the most modern bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing facilities in the world.

With over a century of tradition in the dyeing and finishing of textiles, Pincroft Dyeing & Printing Co. Ltd has, for the last 25 years specialised in the production of workwear fabrics and is acknowledged as leader in this field.

The technical skills developed over this period have been reinforced by the investment of over 20 millions euro’s in state of the art machinery in recent years.

Part of this investment has included the installation of the largest heat recovery system of its type in the world. This system will dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as, it allows Pincroft to recover energy from waste water used during processing and from the hot exhaust air of the drying and finishing equipment.
See a video from Youtube here

The tunnel itself is only short; spanning the width of the A6, and houses pipes (which were very hot) from a separate tunnel which leads to the large reservoir behind the facility. Unfortunately this tunnel is behind a locked gate, but looking at the heat and steam coming through I wouldn't have liked to venture in anyway! and at the outfall the pipes lead in to some sort of processing plant.

After the short tunnel the culvert begins; which houses part of the Pincroft facility on top and curves round to the right, with a short stoopy section along the way. The tunnel and culvert I would say is around 100yards in length so not the longest but it is another one 'ticked off the list'.








Thanks for looking

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