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Lewis Carroll Unit, Daresbury Cheshire 0312
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Default Lewis Carroll Unit, Daresbury Cheshire 0312 - 28-03-2013, 22:04

It was March 2012 and after arriving at Daresbury Hall to do a permission shoot and explore of the building and grounds, I spotted this site adjacent to it and was compelled to take a closer look!
Lewis Carroll - the creator of Alice in wonderland, was born in this village and local heritage has taken many opportunities to promote the claim to fame. In the local church there is even a stained glass window depicting the Cheshire cat.
This building was called the Lewis Carroll Unit and there is virtually no information on its' function and why it has been left to rot like this. From what I can make out, it was some kind of centre for the disabled. Darebury Hall was a built to care for the unfortunate children so an educated guess is that it was a modern extension of the main building. But at some point - it was closed.
Nature has well and truly taken over this building and parts are very unsafe with collapsing roofs - so how could I ignore such an image of decay so isolated and forgotten?
Until now.

Front of the building.

Long shot.

TV Ban room. Anything to stop them watching Jezza!

Internal Veranda.




More of the Lab.


Activity room. Was nurse Ratchet in that office?


Narnian slant.
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