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Cherry Tree Hospital (Formerly Stockport Infection Diseases Hospital) - 5/2013
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Default Cherry Tree Hospital (Formerly Stockport Infection Diseases Hospital) - 5/2013 - 02-05-2013, 09:57

I was on the way back from Alton Towers and i passed this. Other than it being a hospital i didn't know anything about it at the time but i got my mate to pull over so i could have a gander. He decided to come with me but we had no torches or anything, so after downloading a terrible flashlight app we headed in to take a look. We couldn't see anything when we were on the bottom floor so we just did our best to take a couple of pictures on our blowers and come back a little more prepared on another day. Seen its been done a couple of times recently so the history has come from another report.


Presently known as Cherry Tree Hospital, dating back to its foundation year of 1880, the site was also titled Stockport Infection Diseases Hospital up until 1948, a reference to Whitehill Sanatorium is also noted. The cost of the build was reported to be 4,645, approximately 473,000 in todays money.
Prior to 1948, the hospital was used for the isolation of patients with diseases, particularly Tuberculosis, with a separate ward being provided for Typhoid sufferers. After 1948, the level of care was widened to accommodate other illnesses and ailments.
During the early years, the wards held between ten to sixteen simple framed beds, swan-neck bed lights and a large linear table as a focal point for the ward. The striking feature being the wooden herringbone floor.
The wards were provided with earth closets which would be emptied from the exterior of the building.
Aside from the general staff, there were seven live-in staff, Matron, three nurses and three servants.

Heres the photos ( very shoddy i apologise) anyway.

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