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Hello Scope, and welcome back to NWEX.
Without wanting to appear rude, and in the interests of the forum, please allow me to make some comments on your post.
It would be good to see more commentary on your visit and on your photos. The chances are that yes, most of us know some of the history, but it never hurts to remind casual viewers. Also, how was it for you? What bits were you interested in, features, light mood, noises...?
Sometimes it helps to add a title to each shot to suggest either what it is, or in the case of a heavily visited site what it was that made you frame in it such a way...
The amount of images that are about these days, I personally don't bother with watermarks, but that's just me.
I only say this, and I do hesitate to do so, in the interests of the forum. You may, or may not, have recently read the thread about closing the forum. I, for one, want to see it survive and the not thing that sets it apart from other forms of social media is the quality and content the writing and research. In the early days, when there were more active members and the the moderators were hardcore, the chances are that your post would have been deleted, or at the very least come in for some severe criticism from some careful, considerate and hard working 'explorers' (I put the term within commas as I detest it - 'people' would suffice, but onwards...)
So I guess in a rather protracted nutshell, possibly approaching the size of a coconut, make your contribution count and make it better than anywhere else on the web - that will ensure the survival of the forum, because folk want to read things too. We live in a post-Jameson and post-Baudrillard world, images saturate our very existence, make your fingers and language paint a picture as well as the instant snapping of your (and I mean our collective) lens.
Hope you understand the sentiment.

photos here too
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