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Aytoun St Job Centre Manchester 02/14
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Default Aytoun St Job Centre Manchester 02/14 - 16-02-2014, 21:09

When I first moved to Manchester in 1989 I came here to sign on! But I got a full time job very quickly and never returned - until today!
This has been on my wish list for a great number of years, once those fences went up around it - I thought that it would never be ticked off. But today as I proudly walked around with my nice new camera I went for a final look. Luck was bestowed on me as I was fulfilling my dream within minutes!
The Aytoun Street employment exchange was first designed by D. Thompson in 1936 as an Art deco style building for office works in the city centre. It was suspended until 1948 (Probably due to WW2)
The iron work above the main doors state it's opening in 1951, and surprise surprise - it's being torn down to build yet another hotel. As if there aren't enough in the city as it is?
It was a great feeling to finally get in there, with it being daylight - I evaded holes in the floor and avoided buying the farm a few times. it's empty but still a very photogenic place.


Ground floor with heating ducts.

Bad paint.

Stair skeleton

Obligatory chair shot.



Looking down.

Very long window.

Skylights! Adding daylight to what are usually grim places - until they cover them up.

Last remaining signage.

Side view.

Court building from the central stairs.


Newspaper from 2006.

Courtyard 2.

Inside Conservatory.
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