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Archive: Stockport Air Raid Shelters REPORT 7/5/08
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Arrow Archive: Stockport Air Raid Shelters REPORT 7/5/08 - 13-05-2008, 12:59

Ok i think these have been covered in the past but i really wanted to see them for myself, photos from my trip last Wednesday. Hooked up with Romanian1 who was good enough to show me around

There are 3 sets of tunnels in Stockport, one set is open to the public, we went for the other 2! Brinksway and Dodge Hill, first we went to Brinksway, Spent more time on Brinksway than the other set

These 3 shots are what would have been the ways in back in the 1940's

A few sections have concrete ceilings

The pattern of these is quite odd, lots of small dead end cuttings, plenty of left and rights

Bunk Beds all over the place, the full length of most passage ways


This one reminded me of being in the railway tunnels, plenty of flowstone, calcium carbonate.

Dodge Hill, i only really took shots of the steps, since thats the one feature Brinksway hasn't got, besides Dodge Hill is right next to Tiviot Dale train tunnel and i wanted to have some light for that one

A wonderful trip, thanks Romanian1 for the local help!