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ARCHIVE: Cinema Varia
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Arrow ARCHIVE: Cinema Varia - 05-11-2008, 18:38

My second post here.

Last weekend we visited this old cinema,
When we finished making pictures we put the camera gear back in the cars and decided to take a coffee in the cafe at the other site of the street.
We just walked to the cafe, a policecar drove right to the cinema.

Probably some one had seen us climbing out the building.
We climbed out very very silent and with caution, but could not prevent some people (about 40...) did see us.
Some of them (or maybe more) called the police.

Because we try to look like locals and the cams are allready in the car the police did not take notice of us.
Once inside the cafe another policecar came and checked the back of the building.

We just finished our coffee, cool as we are, and returned to our cars to check out the next location...;-)

More pictures at the website.

Gr, Bart