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Hawarden Water Corn Mill
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Default Hawarden Water Corn Mill - 01-11-2011, 07:20

Went on a nice Welsh Walk and came across this old mill, can't really find much about it other than this:


The remains of this mill can be seen by taking the footpath south-east from the car park on Tinkerís Dale Hill. Built for Sir lohn Glynne in 1767, it lies just outside the walls of the Park. It was powered by water from Broughton Brook which flows to the south. The brook was dammed forming a mill pond to the west of the mill, and two sluice gates controlled the flow of water through channels to the wheel, which was beneath the arch to the left of the mill building. The vintage lorry, on the right, is ready to leave with its load of corn, and the driver stands nonchalently waiting for the photographer to take the picture. William lones was
miller from 1851 until his death in 1874, when his son, also William lones, took over until his death in 1910.

Little Sallybear for scale, she's not that little at least 5'7" !! It was a huge wheel.

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