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ARCHIVE - Ivy Bank Mills, Haworth, 13-04-2008
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Default ARCHIVE - Ivy Bank Mills, Haworth, 13-04-2008 - 18-04-2008, 18:39

Ivy Bank Mills - I know nothing about this place and can find nothing about it on the internet, so I can't give you any history. It's in a sorry state, having suffered a fire at some stage, and some machinery is still on site, including a carding engine (I think) dangled precariously between two beams. For some reason, I really like this site, it's a bit like the late Chaedle Bleachworks, and reminded me of the derelict bleachworks I used to explore when I was a kid.

Following my first recce / visit a few weeks before, I wanted to return with a tripod to try out this HDR technique I keep hearing about. I've not gone over the top with the HDR processing, just enough to balance the exposure out a bit. Excuse the B & W - I'm going through an arty-farty phase at the moment, it'll pass. :