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Reload this Page Supercharger A & B, Manchester - April 2011
Underground Sewers, Culverts, Caves, Mines & Air raid shelters etc.

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Supercharger A & B, Manchester - April 2011
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Default Supercharger A & B, Manchester - April 2011 - 25-04-2011, 21:21

As I had nothing better to do on a sunny bank holiday, I thought why not spend it underground in the longest part of Gore Brook's many culverts?

So anyway, I met up with Ojay in Manc and we headed off firstly to check out 'The Minger' as the MEN had reported pikey's stealing stainless fittings from the local sewers.... Sure enough we got in there and the railings & ladders had been nicked, so no way we could get down into the minger's minging shit tank to light it. I for one was thankful of this, it fucking stank of Mancunian SHITE. Our Kid.

With the minger a fading memory as we headed off in search of cleaner things, we left one car at the infall end of Supercharger A and headed back to the outfall of Supercharger B, with the intention being to walk upstream and do the whole thing in one go.

Entrance was typical for Manc drains, we just walked in.

At the entrance we found Gorton's local branch of 'Dixons'

The outfall end of 'B' was quite a nice brick built arch affair, very photogenic so I had to stop here and get a couple of shots.

After 50m or so, the construction changes to a brick built tunnel and doesn't really change much for the whole length of both A & B.

Its cool for getting photos in tho.

Further still upstream, after a failed tea-light photography experiment we found a 3ft-ish CSO outfall and waddled up it to find a sewer running through with a Shit-filter-mesh processor on the top of it.

Also found a deceased Roland Rat in the corner.

A shit photo of, well... Shit.

The sewer pipe itself actually runs through the top of the brick tunnel as you can see here (along with the CSO giving birth to Ojay):

After a good half hour fucking about with flouros and other lighting we headed off up to the next feature which was the small waterfall just after the beginning of Supercharger B.

The construction changed here from brick to concrete trapezoid.

...and daylight, the end of Supercharger B.

Between A & B there is a railway line embankment through which the river flows.

Next up Supercharger A, which follows the same brick tunnel construction as before...

This is the only real 'feature' in part A, a strange wooden baffle with a small RCP behind it...

From here I could see daylight only a 100m or so away, so that was the end of our trip...

Outta here!!

Thanks for looking.


Whip them bullets!
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Default 25-04-2011, 21:48

wet tunnel porn! I love your long shots of the brickwork, what do you use for the lighting?
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I got wood.
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Default 25-04-2011, 21:53

Thanks man, yeah I used this:

I've been wanting one for ages, not had it long!

Whip them bullets!
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Default 25-04-2011, 22:28

Very nice

It's Dark and Hell is Hot........
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Default 26-04-2011, 10:20

Great looking place, nice lighting.
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Default 26-04-2011, 20:02

This looks really good, and nice shots.

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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