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Eurotrance - October 2012
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Default Eurotrance - October 2012 - 15-10-2012, 18:19

After some rainy rides home from working in Manchester I needed to get back on it, after a few texts with Nick, Ell and MD I ended up on a flight to NE Germany a few days later.

All photos were taken with Kodak Gold 200 & 400 film except one or two on a digital compact.

After a blast down the autobahn we crashed at Pierre & Becciís and ate pretty damn well, much love guys ♥. While at Pierreís we met both Andyís, Phil and James and the next day headed out to Zeche P, at least I think thatís what itís called.

After a headstock climb and a chat with a couple of German explorers we parted ways for a McDonalds and the sat nav took us through the forest to another Zeche, fuck knows which one, had a sick buggy out front.

After a drive further south we chilled in an old court house, itís staircase/entrance was beautiful. Work is currently commencing for a shopping centre/flats style arcade I think, some tramp was loving his cheap beers on the steps outside!

After some biggg burgers in BK we headed to cologne, MD chilled while me, Nick & Ell climbed the rail bridge. There was copius amounts of bird shit and we even had a cheeky run in with the polizei. They put the British police force to shame, they even sniffed Nickís wallet...

*NOTE. When a hotel says that it has a hot tub make sure theyíre not messing about, ours was a shit corner bath with jets. After a cheeky blip down to Lidl we went to Powerstation BR?! That place was pretty cool with its chequerboard windows and itís un-trashed-ness.

Another drive commenced but this time to Holland for a fairly cold night sleeping in a mine, eating funny tasting pasta and Nick making everything smell terrible.
When you wake up in a mine itís a proper headfuck cause there isnít any daylight, just complete darkness, I thought Iíd died.

We headed back to Belgium for the university in Liege, somewhat similar in my eyes as parts of the University of Manchester back in its heyday.

From then on we spent quite a while in Liege, finding an active train yard while searching for a decent spot to have our dinner. After creeping around like dicks we got talking to the drivers, the workers posed for us in photographs and a fucking legend kept blasting his two tone for us!

Noodle feasting happened and then we proceeded to HF6 so that I could completely turn every piece of clothing I had, black.

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Default 15-10-2012, 18:20

Back for more fast food we decided what was next on the cards and drove so that we could kip in IM. After hearing it was sealed we went for a look first and then had to traipse all the way back to the car for the gear. I had a decent kip considering we were sharing with sluty annabel asbestos and filthy francesqa fibreglass.

As we had a bit of time to kill he headed over to the SNCB yard but to tbf is slighty bare, we packed the car once more, jumped out at the airport and kipped in some sort of roundabout until we could board.

Had a shower when I got home, loads of black dust washed down the plughole, it was mega. Cheers for reading.

Peace, G.
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Default 15-10-2012, 21:14

Proper bo that is! Can't wait till our European adventure next May

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Default 15-10-2012, 22:11

Looks good, mint pics as per, loving the one of the dusty train inside.
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Default 16-10-2012, 21:04

splendid. good stamina too.

photos here too
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Default 17-10-2012, 15:11

Excellent stuff! Love the M C Escher style staircases.

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Default 18-10-2012, 13:02

Absolutly bad ass report lads.

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Default 18-10-2012, 19:51

quality holiday, cool pics to go with it.
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